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Junior Playwrights, Actors and Directors Night On Scratched Up Theater

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Young participants in the recent Riverfront Playhouse present their own plays on the air this week! They're awesome! We'll feature two of them at 8 PM on Thursday July 14th, and the third in August. (They won't all fit in one broadcast!) This week's plays are "Killer Content" by Grace Coe and Mollie Peterson, and "Redemption" by Madelyn Brown. Next month we'll air the third play, "The Difference" by Sydney Ahern, along with Joe Graceffo's latest play, "Nighthawks".

The students who participated in the plays were Tazio Russo, Addison McClure, Freya Hansen, Thorin Hansen, Dagmar Hansen, Danessa Lemos, and Sydney Ahern.

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