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Piping Hour 09.25.19 (Copy)

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Reprise of show with the late Dr. J. David Hester with additional commentary.

  1. Sword's Lament - Donald MacDonald Collection 
  2. MacMillan-Birtles G3 Medley 
  3. Glengarry's March - Hannay MacAuslan MSS 
  4. The Big Spree - Donald MacPherson 
  5. Threnody - Rest 
  6. Anael Hester - Snare MSR 
  7. Old Woman's Lullaby - Campbell Canntaireachd MSS 
  8. The Finger Lock - Hannay MacAuslan MSS 
  9. Rout of Glenfruin - Hannay MacAuslan MSS
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