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#525 Sons of the Pioneers Transcribed

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Western Music Time                 


When Payday Rolls Around

Sons of the Pioneers Transcribed

Standards (1934-35)

Prairie Lullaby

Rock Me to Sleep in My Rocky Mountin Home

Orthacoustics (1940-41)

There's a Rainbow Over the Range

Ridin' the Rocky Range

Moonlight Melody

I Love the Prairie Country

There's a Rocky Road in the Rockies

Springtime on the Range

Lone Buckaroo fea Lloyd Perryman

Where the Rio Rolls Along

Whisperin' Wind

Wendin' My Way to Wyomin'

Coyote Serenade

Bound for the Rio Grande

Move Along You Lazy Cattle

Get Along Pinto Pony fea Pat Brady

Teleways (mid-1940s)

Happy Rovin' Cowboy

There's a New Moon Over Nevada

Slow Movin' Cattle

A Cowboy has to Sing

So Long to the Red River Valley

Carson's melody (segue) - Ken Carson whistling

Song of the San Joaquin - fea Ken Carson

closing theme

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