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Freddy, Leo and Joey Go To Palm Springs, by Joe Graceffo on Scratched Up Radio Theater

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This Thursday March 14th we air Freddy, Leo and Joey Go To Palm Springs, by Joe Graceffo. It's the 5th and final episode of the terrific Freddy The Talking Dog series. Hollywood screenwriter Leo Bloom is having difficulty writing his new movie script. So he, his famous dog Freddy, and his wife the glamorous starlet Joey Heatherton take off for a vacation in the desert resort town. Sounds great, right? We'll see.

It features Tazio Russo as Freddy, Malorie Glavan as Joey, Dan Becker as Leo, John Welsh as Max, Linda Ragan as Mabel and the waitress, Kent Bodensteiner as Dean Martin, Kim Mobley as Inga and Julie London, Ethan Howe as Hal and the photographer, Jim Dowling as The Maitre D'. Hosted by Dickie Magidoff with tech production by Lili Dubois.

It airs Thursday March 14th at 8PM, only on KKRN 88.5 FM and on kkrn.org.

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