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Next Last Man, Best Friends & Jekyll Or Hyde, on Scratched Up Theater

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April brings 2 new plays and even a solo performance. "Next Last Man" written by returning playwright Jim Strope of Burney presents 2 traveling survivors in a gloomy new world. It features Ethan Howe and Dan Beckman.
"Best Friends", written by Rudy Lurchigian, was first performed in a student showcase at Shasta College, stars Rudy and Silas Harris. It looks at the changes that a friendship goes through inside a McDonald's, due to - well, just listen - it's complicated.
The third presentation, "Jekyll Or Hyde", a soliloquy written by Scratched Up's regular character actor Tazio Russo, was also performed at Shasta College, in the performances of short scripts that were written for Jessica Fletcher's ongoing script writing class. Tazio shows that he does serious drama too! - almost Shakespearian in performance.
It all airs on April 11th at 8 PM on KKRN 88.5 FM, and at kkrn.org.

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