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The Down Under Hour 04-10-2024 show 63

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Show 63, 04-10-2024

Say g’day II.

Starting with another 1985 television ad featuring Paul Hogan selling American tourists on the idea of coming to Australia for a holiday. Shrimp on the barbie.

Intro: Roulette - Dom Mariani and the Majestic Kelp, Underwater Casino, 2003

40 Miles To Saturday Night - Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls, from the 1987 album Under the Sun. Also released as Paul Kelly and the Messengers.

Roaring Days - Weddings Parties Anything, the title track to their 1988 album. A tribute to the writer Henry Lawson.

Atomic Electric - Rebecca’s Empire, from the 1996 album Way Of All Things.

A Battle of the Bands from 1965 featuring the Showmen and the Easybeats

Round 1

So Far Away - the Showmen.

Say That You’re Mine - The Easybeats.

Round 2

Don’t Deceive - the Showmen

She’s So Fine - the Easybeats, single, also on the album Easy.

No Need To Cry - the Dave Miller Set, 1969 or 70. This was the B side to a single; the A side was a mediocre cover the song by Chicago, Does Anyone Really Know What Time It is. This version from a compilation, Psych Bites - Australian Acid Freakrock 1967-1974 Vol. 1.

Time Will Come - Tol Puddle Martyrs - a 1967 single, this version from a compilation, LSD: A Freakin’ Backlash! Vol. 2.

First Time Really Feeling - Liz Stringer, the title track of her 2018 album, which was recorded in Canada.

A You Am I set

Come Home Wit’ Me - #4 Record, 1998

Good Morning - Hourly Daily, 1996

Gray - Hi Fi Way, 1995

Yeperenye Song - David Bridie, from his 2010 album Nautical Forlorn.

Outro - Chicken Omelette, by Baby Langston, from their acclaimed 1998 album.   

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