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The Down Under Hour 05-01-2024 show 66

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Show 66

Broadcast 05-01-2024

Interested to see Crowded House on the USA west coast in September.

G’day G’day - a little ditty by Slim Dusty to start.

Intro: Roulette - Dom Mariani and the Majestic Kelp, Underwater Casino, 2003

Everything Is Good For You,

and Distant Sun - two tracks by Crowded House from their album Farewell To The World: Live at the Sydney Opera House. The record came out in 2006, the show was in 1996.

Low Sound - the Silversound, band and album, from 2023. Featuring Shane O’Mara.

Kind Of Hard - Dalicados, from their 2020 album Nevermore. The band included James Lomas on guitars and vocals, his partner Fiona Lee Maynard on vocals, and Jack Howard on trumpet. Listen for Jack again later in the show, playing with Hunters & Collectors.

Showcase for Don Walker

Telephone Booth - Ian Moss, from his album Matchbook, which came out in 1989, the song by Don Walker.

Northbound - Cold Chisel is the band and the title of their debut album, released in 1978. Features Don Walker, songwriter and keyboards, and Ian Moss, guitars.

In the Early Hours - Catfish, the album Unlimited Address, from 2010. Cafish, aka Don Walker.

Mr Fastgun - Johnny Casino, a 2024 single.

Where Did She Go - Lava Fangs, a 2024 single.

Liquid Gold - Emma Donovan, from her 2024 solo effort titled Til My Song Is Done.

Green Tabasco, merging into

Words Fail Me - Opelousas, from their 2024 album Opelousafried. The band features Kerri Simpson and Alison Ferrier on vocals and guitars, and this new LP was produced by Jeff Lang. Alison sings lead on this one.

Sunday Shuffle - McPhee is the band, McPhee is the album, from 1971. Reportedly named in honor of the great English guitarist Tony T.S. McPhee, best known for his band the Groundhogs.

Stuck On You - Hunters and Collectors, from the 1986 album Human Frailty.

Outro - Chicken Omelette, by Baby Langston, from their acclaimed 1998 album.   

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