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The Down Under Hour 05-08-2024 show 67

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Show 67, 05-08-2024

Just some songs

Intro: Roulette - Dom Mariani and the Majestic Kelp, Underwater Casino, 2003

Starting with two songs by the Babe Rainbow, from their 2015 self-titled EP:

Baby Don’t You Cry, and

Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest.

Rust On the Chain - Rory Ellis, from his 2017 album One Skin.

The River - Dirt River Radio, from 2009, their album Beer Bottle Poetry.

The Beatles, but not the Beatles

Hard Day’s Night - Hoodoo Gurus, live to air on Sydney radio Triple J. This version from Ampology greatest hits, 2006. The Beatles did it in 1964.

I Feel Fine - the Masters Apprentices, from their debut LP, which came out in 1967. This version is from a 2009 Aztec Music compilation titled The Master’s Apprentices. The Beatles released it in 1964.

I Am the Walrus - McPhee the band, McPhee the album, from 1971. The Beatles recorded it in 1967.

Two songs sung by Renee Geyer from her 2009 album Reneesance, on which she reinterpreted some of her work:

Stares And Whispers, from Geyer's 1977 album Moving Along, which was recorded in California.

Difficult Woman, a Paul Kelly song, written for her, the title track of her 1994 album.

Sir Les Patterson tells a joke on Michael Parkinson’s British television chat show.

Travelling Man - Van Walker, from The Last Record Store, his 2009 album.

Dangerous - Liz Stringer, from her album First Time Really Feeling, which came out in 2018 and was recorded in Canada.

Faded Roses - Broderick Smith’s Big Combo, from an album recorded in 1981.

Outro - Chicken Omelette, by Baby Langston, from their acclaimed 1998 album.

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