KKRN FM, is a volunteer-based, listener-supported radio station fostering positive social change and healthy communities by entertaining, informing and educating through diverse music, culture, news, and public affairs programming.

Keeping KKRN on the Air

The last couple of months including now we have experienced a number of technical issues that quickly and easily stump our amateur, volunteer staff.  We have to trouble shoot with limited knowledge.  BUT we usually get it done after trips to the antenna, trips to the studio, lots of calls to different smarties and hair pulling.  We are all volunteers and somehow have this drive to make it work.  We are very sorry and anxious when we go off the air but we are working behind the scenes.

We have had and will continue to experience power outages that also add to our down time.  Our antenna sits on Hatchett Mountain, between Burney and Redding and the weather can effect things.

We're still here and will keep working on it.  Keep tuning in.

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