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KKRN Technical Difficulties and PG&E Outages

It has been a troubled 2 weeks at KKRN and we are just as disappointed as you are.  Just as we figured out the piece of equipment that was failing (after buying and returning one) we discovered an automation snag.  Just as we we thought we had it and we did for a few days,  PG&E had a power outage.  THEN the owners of the tower have warned us the power will likely be down on Sept 7 and/or 8th for antenna repairs.  Couldn't get much worse but hopefully after Thursday the 9th we should be put together.  It has taken numerous trips to the mountain top and wracking our brains.

We don't miss things until they're gone so we sure all missed the great programming on KKRN that you can't find anywhere else. 

Thank you for your understanding and patience. Thank you for your ongoing support of KKRN Community Radio.

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