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Heaven's Radio Gospel Hour

  • Every Sundays, 10:00am11:00am

This show boasts an array of Gospel music styles and features international as well as local artists.

If you would like your music played on this show, please send your CD to Heaven's Radio ~ P.O. Box 990095 ~ Redding CA 96099 or email your mp3 files to heavens_radio@yahoo.com  

If you would be interested in an artist spotlight (on-air interview) please forward your contact information.

Tune in and sing along!

Heaven's Radio Gospel Hour
10:00am, 8-27-2023
10:00am, 8-6-2023
10:00am, 7-16-2023
10:00am, 6-25-2023
10:00am, 6-11-2023
10:00am, 5-28-2023
10:00am, 5-14-2023
10:00am, 4-23-2023
10:00am, 4-9-2023
10:00am, 4-2-2023