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The Rick Smith Show

    • Every Sundays, 6:00pm7:00pm

    About The Show

    Rick Smith

    In 2005, The Rick Smith Show stepped into a local radio world
    devoid of progressive talk.  Rick took his straight shooting no nonsense
    Teamster outlook to the air and started mixing it up with conservatives
    from one of the reddest areas north of the Mason Dixon line. His show
    grew steadily, attracting listeners starved for a voice that spoke to
    working stiffs who felt the economic floor crumbling beneath them.

    Five years after the start of his weekend program, Rick moved to new
    time slots and new stations. His show now airs Monday-Friday 3pm-6pm on
    several stations across the state of Pennsylvania where he offers hard
    truth and commentary with a unique blend of clear-headed, gruff analysis
    and bemused observation. Lest things get too serious, he spices things
    up with a laugh or two.

    Rick comes by his outlook honestly. He grew up in the projects of
    Cleveland, ducking local gangs while doing paper routes and odd jobs to
    help feed his family. After high school, he went out on his own, driving
    18 wheelers as a proud union member. Nowadays, Rick, a father of three,
    is on the front lines of the class work every weekday from 3pm-6pm. He
    feels the calling to spread the word about the desperate needs facing
    workers, and to make the world a better place for kids growing up in
    what is becoming an America of rich and poor.

    Rick believes somebody has to wake up the American working class to
    engage in the democratic process, but not in the corporate-funded Tea
    Party fashion. He has the rough edges and the grit of a Teamster; he’s a
    street talker, but a street talker with charm.

    The Rick Smith Show