KKRN FM, is a volunteer-based, listener-supported radio station fostering positive social change and healthy communities by entertaining, informing and educating through diverse music, culture, news, and public affairs programming.

Acorn Community Enterprises

Acorn Community Enterprises is a non-profit organization started in 1998. Acorn is the parent organization of KKRN, a non-commercial, educational, community, radio station. KKRN is a project of Acorn and we envision the station to be a place where all are welcome and encouraged to be involved, a place where varying opinions are treated with respect and where information and knowledge are seen as keys to a healthier community.

Acorn is particularly interested in involving youth and disenfranchised populations into the radio station and look forward to creating a strong asset in our community.

We may be reached at 530-337-1101.