KKRN FM, is a volunteer-based, listener-supported radio station fostering positive social change and healthy communities by entertaining, informing and educating through diverse music, culture, news, and public affairs programming.


Underwriting Rates Effective September 24, 2013

CONTACT: Ellen Sugg - Station Manager
Phone: (530) 941-9689
Email: ellen@kkrn.org

Plan I - TWO (2) announcements every other day.
One month - Thirty (30) announcements @ $60.00 monthly ($2.00 each).
Three months - Ninety (90) announcements @ $150.00 ($1.66 each).
Six months - One hundred eighty (180) announcements @ $240.00 ($1.33 each).

Plan II - TWO (2) announcements every day.
One month - Sixty (60) announcements @ $100.00 ($1.66 each).
Three months - One hundred eighty (180) announcements @ $270.00 ($1.50 each).
Six months - Three hundred sixty (360) announcements @ $450.00 ($1.25 each).

Short Term Rates: (Flexible Schedule)
One (1) to nine 9) announcements @ $7.00 each
Ten (10) to thirteen (13) announcements @ $6.00 each

Blitz Plan: (Flexible Schedule)

Fourteen (14) announcements per week @ $70 ($5.00 per announcement)

Twenty-one (21) announcements in one week @ $100.00 ($4.76 per announcement)

 Why Support KKRN?

Programming and information found nowhere else in Shasta County.
Locally produced shows about really local issues from voices you recognize.
Committed listeners who will purposely support your business, event or organization, because YOU support KKRN.
In addition: All underwriters are featured on the KKRN website, with a link to YOUR website and are featured on the back of print copies of the program guide, circulated throughout the county.

What is Underwriting?
As a non-profit community radio station, KKRN 88.5 FM is allowed to thank businesses and organizations for tax deductible donations with short on-air acknowledgements.

FCC Underwriting Guidelines:
The FCC guidelines permit underwriting acknowledgements to include:

1) logograms or slogans which identify but do not promote;

2) location information, and

3) a value-neutral description of the business and/or product.

FCC rules prohibit the use of comparative language, price information, calls to action, and/or inducements to buy. Also, underwriting announcements must be kept fairly short, within the realm of 15-30 seconds.

Sample Underwriting Announcement:
“This program is made possible in part by listeners like you and the Valley Advocate. Each week, the Advocate provides in-depth coverage of regional news and issues, arts and entertainment listings, previews, reviews, and classified ads. The Valley Advocate – on newsstands every Thursday. KKRN thanks the Valley Advocate for their kind support.”

Why Underwriting is a good Choice for your Business:
KKRN provides programming that can’t be heard anywhere else in the North State. We play just about everything on the musical scale. We also have a variety of news and public affairs programs that provide a balancing point of view in the region. Most uniquely, KKRN provides locally produced and live programming that covers issues of local importance including: the environment; land use planning; health care; local emergency information; radio theatre; information about local events; and more.

Underwriting Rates:
A variety of underwriting options are described above. Each announcement sponsors 30 minutes of programming.

“Volunteer based, listener supported…..Fostering community health and positive social change by entertaining, informing, and educating…… Through diverse music, culture, news and public affairs programming.”